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Montgomery Primary School achieves Passivhaus Certification.
Friday, February 03, 2012.

Montgomery Primary School achieves Passivhaus Certification Montgomery Primary School in Exeter has come through the tough and rigorous certification process to become the first School in the UK officially built to the Passivhaus standard.

Passivhaus is primarily a tough Quality Assurance standard, and it took tremendous rigour and attention to detail, during the design and construction process to achieve certification.

Working closely with Architects NPS Limited,Buchan Concrete Solutions designed, manufactured and erected the two-storey precast frame, demonstrating the very best that precast modular construction can offer.

Passivhaus requirements:

Resource lean: setting a limit of15 kWh/m2/yr for heating compared to a current demand of between 113-164 for a school built to current building regulations

Super insulated: all components of the building envelope insulated to a U-value below 0.15W/m2K

Air Tight: minimal air leakage (< 0.6 air changes/volume/hour-equivalent to an air permeability value of less than 1m3/hr/m2 @ 50 Pa)

Controlled ventilation: comfortable, healthy and sustainable

Heat recovery: exhaust air enters a counter-flow heat exchanger, the major part of the warmth from the exhaust air is fed again to the fresh air supply and a heat recovery rate above 80% with air being moved from high to low occupancy spaces

Zero Carbon: all electricity generated on site
Robust: the Design is expected not only to pass current requirements but to meet the demands of predicted future climate to 2080.

Source : BCS Marketing