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  Crosswall Construction

CPD Roadshow Seminar Tour 2014

Buchan Concrete have joined the CPD Roadshow Tour visiting towns and cities across the UK, providing Free CPD seminars entitled "An Introduction to Precast Crosswall Construction", aimed at giving Architects, Engineers, Consultants and potential clients an understanding of precast crosswall construction for accommodation projects.

 A selection of other topical subjects are also covered, that are relevant to all those involved in designing, constructing, fitting out, maintaining and regulating buildings and structures - whether it be new-build or refurbishment projects.

CPD Tour Dates

Manchester Wednesday, 5th March
London Thursday, 13th March
Edinburgh Thursday, 22nd March
Plymouth Wednesday, 18th June
Bristol Thursday, 19th June
Southampton Thursday 25th, September
Cambridge Wednesday, 1st October
Nottingham Thursday, 2nd October
London Thursday, 20th November
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  For further information or to book a Roadshow Seminar please contact:  Julie Cagna: 01606 843519 or complete the form